ClickSafe® Combination Laptop Locks - Master Access On-Demand - ComboGenie

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ClickSafe® Combination Laptop Locks - Master Access On-Demand - ComboGenie

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Eliminate the risk of forgotten or reset combinations while ensuring a higher level of security. The Kensington ClickSafe® Combination ComboGenie employs two-factor authentication to allow administrators with both the ComboGenie and proper administrator´s code to discover the combination for all locks within their scope. Using the ComboGenie the administrator can open any of the Kensington ClickSafe® Combination Master Coded Combination Laptop Locks (sold separately) being managed by the administrator. The result is greater security, reliability and reduced downtime from lost or forgotten combinations.

  • Combo Genie´s two-factor authentication process allows for secure combination recovery by authorized administrators
  • Must be used with the ClickSafe Combination Laptop Lock on Demand (K64679US), the ClickSafe Combination Ultra Laptop Lock (K64681) or the ClickSafe Master Combination Expansion Loop (K64682)
  • Required administrator code
  • TAA Compliant
  • Clicksafe


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