SmartSockets® Premium Adapter

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The adapter that prevents the surge

SmartSockets® Premium Adapter

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SmartSockets combines features and visual excitement to provide superior surge protection to your electronics against power spikes, brown outs, and black outs. Color-coded rings with matching color labels for easy connected equipment identification and cord management. 8-outlet, 8-ft cord, with 3090 joule rating. Right-angled plug for easy accessibility. $50,000 limited computer equipment warranty.

  • 8-outlet standard strip surge protector
  • 8 foot cord
  • Extra-wide outlet space accommodates up to 8 AC adapters
  • 3090 joules of dissipation
  • Color-coded rings with matching cord labels
  • EMI/RFI noise filtration, right-angle plug and recessed on/off switch
  • UL Certified to provide superior safety and reliability
  • $50,000 limited computer equipment warranty
  • “Computer equipment,” as used herein, means a device designed primarily for the processing or storage of digital data, such as computers, monitors, printers, disc drives, and telefax machines. By way of illustration and not by limitation, “computer equipment” does not include televisions (digital or analog), copiers, refrigerators, air conditioners or household appliances. KENSINGTON retains the sole discretion to decide whether a particular product is or is not “computer equipment” within the terms of this warranty.


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