SmartSockets Basic Surge Protector

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The strip that stops the surge

SmartSockets Basic Surge Protector

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Trust Kensington to provide quality surge protection for your valuable electronics like laptops, printers and modems. With color-coded rings and matching cord labels, the SmartSockets Basic Surge Protector makes cord management easy. Your outlet capacity expands with six adapter-style plugs available on the power strip, and 670 joules of surge dissipation protects your devices from damaging spikes. A green indicator light lets you know you’re protected and there’s also a $10,000 computer equipment warranty.

  • Room to easily accommodate up to six adapter-style plugs
  • 6-foot power cord puts surge protection where it´s needed
  • Safeguard computer and equipment with 670 joules of surge protection
  • Indicator monitors the surge protector to ensure full protection
  • Color-coded rings with matching cord labels provides easy cord management
  • EMI/RFI noise filtration and recessed on/off switch
  • Reliability ensured with UL certification and limited lifetime product warranty
  • $10,000 computer equipment warranty against damage from surges
  • “Computer equipment,” as used herein, means a device designed primarily for the processing or storage of digital data, such as computers, monitors, printers, disc drives, and telefax machines. By way of illustration and not by limitation, “computer equipment” does not include televisions (digital or analog), copiers, refrigerators, air conditioners or household appliances. KENSINGTON retains the sole discretion to decide whether a particular product is or is not “computer equipment” within the terms of this warranty.


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